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After this brief conversation, if we can help your family, we’ll invite you to schedule a complimentary, 60-minute Meet & Greet Session. (BONUS! During your session, you’ll get a copy of the bestselling book Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be). During this meeting, you'll have time to ask all of your most burning college-related questions, get specific feedback, and explore how our all-inclusive system can benefit you.

I guarantee you’ll leave the Meet & Greet Session with more clarity, insights and discoveries about every element of the college admissions process.

These two conversations are free for you, but not for me.

You can’t buy one-time coaching from us on this website (or anywhere else) because we know that piecemeal information and education is a complete disservice to you. Every part of our services are built on relationship. Over time and through a number of conversations and exclusive assessments, we unpack and are able to lay out the best options for both your student and your family.

Once you start the conversation by filling in the form below, we assume all the risk. Our desire is to give you plenty of value and a very real experience of what it’s like to work with us before you ever make a commitment to long-term support.

If you’re like the nearly 2,000 families who have navigated the path to college with us, you’ll quickly know if the services of College Planners of America is EXACTLY what you’ve been hoping for or not. And if our services aren’t right for you or your family, we respectfully ask you to promptly discontinue the conversation.

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What others are saying about their free Meet & Greet Session

My son’s father researched local college planners for months. He found the College Planners of America website and liked what he saw enough to contact the office to set up a free Meet & Greet session. He and my son attended and were really impressed with all they heard and learned. I joined them for a second session, though I really didn’t know what to expect.

We told Mike McKinnon that our #1 priority is to get as much financial aid as possible. Within the first ten minutes, my eyes were opened to all the options available to us.

Mike is so very knowledgeable about both schools and financial aid options. He immediately knew which schools we should put at the top of our search list that would match our needs. In that first meeting, he also talked very directly with my son about next steps with his ACT scores, laying out a strategy to bring them even higher, which would help us be eligible for even more financial aid.

Mike knew and clearly explained to us exactly where we should focus our energies to achieve our desired outcome for college. I came out of that initial session so thankful our journey to college could be led by Mike and College Planners of America.

-Molly, Winnetka, IL