“College Planners of America has provided a tremendous service to our family in helping us through the college selection process. There are so many factors to consider in today’s environment that our family was just not equipped to address – cost, fit, course of study, extra-curricular activities, professional outlook, likelihood of gaining admittance, etc. College Planners of America has all the data at their fingertips, wisdom in the “behind the scenes” factors used by the academic institutions and many years of experience – all of which come together to help our students make the right choices. The College Planners of America team forges a relationship with the student and helps him or her to take ownership of the application process and to become accountable for their decisions. A true partnership is established between the parents, student(s) and counselor.
College Planners of America continues to guide our family members in making the right choices for their (and our) future college experience. In addition to selection advice, College Planners helped our family negotiate the tangle of financial aid requirements and options. From counseling on planning, to filling out all the necessary forms, College Planners has served us as a “full service” academic councilor with whom we plan to work for many more years to come.”

Dan, Naperville, IL