“College Planners of America helped us find a school that offered the best academic program for our student. We had not considered out-of-state or private schools as an option because we assumed the costs would be too expensive. As a result of your guidance, our son applied at in-state, out-of-state and private schools. We were shocked to find out that in-state schools do not always offer the best cost solution for educating a student! Both the private schools and out of state schools provided far more scholarship opportunities than the schools here in Illinois.

If we had not taken the time to work with College Planners of America, we would not have been able to identify a school that offered us the best cost solution for our son’s education. The real benefit though was finding a top school here in the Midwest that offers a much better overall academic opportunity for our son. Thanks, College Planners!”

Mike, Bolingbrook, IL