“As a student-client of College Planners of America for about a year now, I am very impressed with my experience. I walked into the office knowing what I needed from college but knowing little-to-nothing about how to get it.

Mr. McKinnon introduced me to colleges that fit my academic, personal and financial needs. He showed me the best-hidden gems for scholarships in my field of study, which allowed me to access greater opportunities than I would have found on my own without breaking the bank!

Christy Sharafinski was an enormous help as well. Early in my freshman year, I found an extremely competitive internship with the United States Department of Energy which required a lengthy application. The application included four essays which Christy and I went back and forth revising many, many times. All this support allowed me to refine my thoughts into the perfect submission. As a result, I have been accepted as an intern at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory this summer!

My experience at College Planners of America has been very positive. I cannot wait to see the opportunities that lie ahead with their help!”

Rosemary H, Engineering undergrad from Wheaton, IL