"My son’s father has researched local college planners for months. He found the College Planners of America website and liked what he saw enough to sign up for a free Meet & Greet Session. He and my son attended and were really impressed with all they heard. I joined them for a second session. I didn’t know what to expect. We told Mike McKinnon that our number one priority is to get as much financial aid as possible. Within the first ten minutes, my eyes were opened to all the options available to us.

Mike is so very knowledgeable about both schools and financial aid options. He immediately knew which schools we should put at the top of our search list that would match our needs. In that first meeting he also talked very directly with my son about next steps with his ACT scores, laying out a strategy to bring them even higher, which would help us be eligible for even more financial aid."

Molly P., Winnetka